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Attention distributors:
This is a very basic and rudimentary implementation of the Preferred site. We are still working very hard to get this back to what is was plus more.
If you encounter an error/issue, please do not hesitate to contact us and Support.

Manual Requests

There have been a number of manual requests for machines that we either no longer have a manual or only parts of the manual are currently available due to our system security breach. This mostly occurs with machines built prior to 2011.

If a manual request for a machine comes that was built prior to 2011 and we do not have a complete manual available, we will not be able to fill this request. If the customer only needs something specific from the manual(schematic, pump breakdown, etc) we may be able to fill this request.

For anything prior to 2011 if you know that something specific is needed, only ask for that item. We are not able to use our current resources to rebuild manuals for these machines

Schematic Search

Searching by schematic number has been implemented. If you would like to search for a schematic, simply login and click the link above
"Schematic Search"

Currently just a PDF of the schematic is available, in the furture more information will be listed along with other ways to search for a schematic other
then by schematic number.

Thank You,
Alkota Cleaning Systems, INC